Off-Topic: Arrr the Barbarian (Chapter II)

Hintergrund und Chapter I gibt es hier

Arrr the Barbarian

Chapter II
Seeing a guy about a sword
(and maybe some late lunch)

Arrr crossed the town gates with Sharp strung along his back. The guard didn’t acknowledge him. A closer look revealed the man fast asleep on his feet, a trick known to coppers everywhere. He decided not to disturb him.

A view beyond the entrance gates revealed the exit gates on the other side a few hundred meters away. That kind of town, he thought. Just large enough to warrant a town sign. The central (and only) square consisted of a few houses, a nondescript shop, a blacksmith and the obligatory inn/pub which might or might not double as the local brothel. Although he thought it unlikely that a town this small had more than one “woman of the night”.

He also saw a small house he tentatively identified as the library. It probably doubled as the local post office and city hall. A few people milled around and watched him enter the town but paid him no more mind. They were likely used to travelers.


Off-Topic: Arrr the Barbarian (Chapter I)


Eines Nachts bin ich aufgewacht und konnte nicht mehr einschlafen, bevor ich nicht diese Geschichte ins Handy getippt habe. Auf Englisch.

Und weil ich sonst nichts damit anzufangen wusste und nur ganz wenig eitel bin, hab ich mich entschieden, es hier zu posten. Vielleicht kann ich ja damit den ein oder anderen Schmunzler hervorrufen.

Arrr the Barbarian

Chapter I
The barbarian and the sword

It was a slightly cloudy day in the outskirts of some third grade town near the next major hub when Arrr decided to stop and rest. He had been wandering without a real goal for a while now, just taking in the scenery, so he sat down on a nearby tree stump and began to unbundle his lunch. He started lazily chewing on a grilled heuzzzarro leg.